See, See, what do you see?


What do you see

How we read scripture…

This week I spent time with lots of folks who read scripture differently than I do. I was challenged to explain myself and it is a good thing. I talked about God’s love for all creatures that I see all over the place. I talked about Jesus always including folks that his church would not include. I talked about following Jesus and paying attention to the things Jesus thought were important. And they talked about passages they took literally. There was a lot of cross talk but I don’t think any of us changed our positions. The God I see in scripture is a creating, inspiring, life-giving God who balances mercy and justice for the sake of all creation. As I walk with Jesus to the cross in Holy Week, I depend on God being the one scripture has shown me. One whose commands teach me how to love my neighbor, whose anger is kindled by injustice, whose love for the world is boundless, who calls and claims me.

What is your image of God? Who does scripture reveal to you? These are resurrection inspired questions that are worth our time to mull as we go to dark Gethsemene, the cross, and the empty tomb.

Peace on your journey to the cross,

Pastor Mark