Vehicles for Learning


My morning commute doubled this week. My mind is filled with fall lineups and new opportunities and there is energy in the air. What did you learn last summer? What do you wish to learn this year? Who are the ones around you who will learn with you and teach you at the same time? Questions like these are a the heart of learning.

These are not just questions and comments for kids. They help all of us understand and thrive in our context. We are all life-long-learners engaged in bringing energy and expertise and God’s love to our world. So I ask myself these questions too…

Last summer I learned that God’s message of grace, love, mercy and hope is good news for 30,000 teenagers and the adults assisting them to navigate Houston. Last summer I learned that there is tremendous wisdom in the people of Family of Grace for teaching our neighborhood about God’s grace. This year I want to learn and explore how we can continue to live and love and grow in faith here on Lea Hill. I am energized by all the folks in the “How Lutherans Interpret the Bible” class after church. I will have at least 2 and maybe 3 or 4 in my confirmation class. There are new faces in the choir and in worship and soon the Green River Students will be back. We are all set to gather in one another homes for meals. Sunday school begins this week. There are so many vehicles for learning heading our way!

All of this is teaching me how good it is to be the people of God in this time and in this place. All of this is forming who we are and will be together as we head into the year. I look around as see that we are a learning community, centered in Christ, serving here on Lea Hill.

Hop on a bus.


Pastor Mark