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El Capitan!

speck of a guy in an orange shirt...

I realized I hadn't blogged in months with the same jolt you feel when you've been assigned to capture a moment on camera and you suddenly realize you've been so wrapped up in the moment you've forgotten to capture it! April, May and half of June have passed. Thousands of pictures and miles and memories are scattered about and I am left to catch my breath and find a functional normal.

Fantastic climbers ascend El Capitan in Yosemite Valley. To others of us the thought of climbing such a sheer granite face is terrifying. We settle for walking a log at its base. Suffice to say I survived my encounter with the very large granite face and my brother-in-law recorded it. Another speck in the stream of memories I claim as my own that shape who I am. The fact that I marveled at its size without wondering what it would take to climb says something about me. I guess I'm the one who takes small risks walking logs while leaving the scaling of sheer granite faces to others.

We are specks in a world rife with conflict and challenge, filled with politicians catering to power not people and corporations serving shareholders not customers. Extreme violence has become the norm for the interaction of insular enemies both domestic and abroad and it terrifies me.

Facing such seemingly insurmountable problems, how do I, a person of some faith and limited influence respond? My first response is to find  a small log to walk to distract me from the immense challenge before me.

But my second response is to look and think deeply about what I see going on in the world and search my heart for what I will and will not support. My resolve to keep politics out of the pulpit has been ingrained in my training. My call to bring God's message of grace and love for ALL PEOPLE to the people of God gathered at Family of Grace is quite clear. Violation of basic human rights is not something I am willing to stay silent about. Separating parents and their children amounts to governmental kidnapping, holding children as hostages to punish their parents. It is wrong and forever breaks the trust a people have of their government. I am appalled and ashamed when the government of my country treats humanity with the same distain as a drug cartel.

I am a speck. I guess its time to start the ascent.


Pastor Mark