When I set out into this holy space with my SLR, I never imagined the light I would capture. I went in to play, open to possibility.

I found that the surface of the water in the font reflected ablurred image of the stained glass wall. I found light and shadow reflected and refracted as it passed through the shell shaped font.

I found unimagined beauty and it turned to joy in my heart.



In sixty or so days nine of us will set out into the holy space waiting for us in Houston at the ELCA Youth Gathering. We are full of imagination about how that may go. But there is also a part of each of us that goes to play, open to possibility.

What will we reflect as the spirit weaves together the sparks of thousands of lives? What will change within us as the light of the risen Christ reflects and refracts through us?

It is both unimaginable and a source of barely restrained jubilation as I look forward to see the lives of those I hold dear changed forever for the better.

Peace and Unimaginable Joy,

Pastor Mark