Old Friends

Yesterday I drove a couple hours to meet an old friend for lunch. We met in Summer Greek my first week of seminary 24 years ago. I was good at language, he was good at friendship. We grew up 10 years apart in very different family systems. We serve in very different contexts, we have different outlooks on life and the institutions we are a part of. But for 24 years he has kept calling and tracking me down. I have a bad habit of wandering away which he doesn't take personally. I appreciate his tenacity. And we have kept track of one another's comings and goings through the years. It is life-giving to have old friends.


In a week or so Easter will arrive. I don't even remember my first Easter, probably because, chocolate bunnies and having to stay neat in my pastor's kid clothes didn't lead to pleasant memories. It wasn't until I started trying to get things "right" that I started to understand how Easter worked in my life. Self giving love is pretty far up the  psycho-social maturity scale, so the idea that death on a cross could be a sign of love took a while to sink in. But for all of my life God has kept calling and tracking me down. My obtuseness does not inhibit grace! Easter after Easter opportunities for new life abound. I still have the bad habit of wandering away, and I'm sure I don't get things "right", but I appreciate God's tenacity. I appreciate that God has kept track of me through the years.  And so here we are. Easter's coming like an old friend, bringing life to the wandering ones.

Christ has died, Christ is Risen, Christ will come again.

Holy Week Peace,

Pastor Mark