Rock in a Stream


Is it Safe?

Called to Jump.

Sometimes the church looks like an old rock surrounded by fresh magma. We have well worn and polished surfaces and services. You can find places to stand, safely looking out at the ever-changing, never-travelled landscape. You can sit in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings, looking beyond the altar through the windows onto 124th Avenue and experience a sense of well-being and peace, unaffected by the bustle on the street.

Notice that most of the ministry that we have been watching Jesus do, from our comfortable seats on Sundays, happens on the street, in the dangerous, ever-changing, never-travelled places.  A well at noon with a foreigner (John 4), healing instead of resting on the day of rest (John 9), overturning established religious practices (John 2). In all of these situations Jesus first jumps out of safety into the culture of his day, forms relationships with all sorts of outsiders and then witnesses to them God's love, and an invitation to come and see.

Maybe we too are called to use our rock in the stream as a jumping off place for ministry in daily life.


Pastor Mark