Time in memory

stands so still,

time in each moment blazes by. November marks ten years of ministry in this place for me. Ten years of births and deaths, new jobs and lost jobs, retirements and relocations, new friends and old, tears and laughter, grief and joy. A swirl of precious people and places pop into mind as I zip through the memories. At some memories, my heart wells up and my mind shuts down. Others are so sweet they change the shape of the rest of my life.

When my dad retired from ministry in Hawaii in 2000 I was 2 years out of seminary. Pam and I had two kids in high school and one in college. That year and nine of the next twelve, my parents came to visit for Christmas. As one who left home at 17 and hardly looked back, there was healing and wholeness in getting to know my parents when we were all adults. I cherish those memories of my mom sitting by the fire looking through the newspaper, taking the kids Christmas shopping, baking batch after batch of Christmas delights. Their regular visits softened my heart, reconnected me to my roots, and changed my life.

In my memories time stands still.

In each moment I live there is a mix of memory, awareness and hope.

All of this is a gift from God, giving me life in abundance.

In invite you this Advent to re-member your life and re-connect to God’s love for you and yours.

Expecting Peace,

Pastor Mark