No OTHER gods?


This Sunday the Seahawks play at 10am. ENTERTAINMENT opportunities abound. Every retailer smiles this time of year, hoping to collect our gift dollars. RESOURCES are scarce. Squabbles for the best work schedules and airline reservations happened months ago. PLANNING is rewarded. This Friday we have a memorial service at 2 and church decorating in the evening. Saturday at 4 is the Christmas Showcase. Sunday after worship we're making Advent Logs. TIME is precious. And  at the end of the scramble, the Seahawks play on Christmas Eve, and the Family of Grace Youth Group is presenting a play, "Text Message In the Manger" at morning worship.

How do we sift and sort our priorities and activities and have some sense of peace about this season? How do we set our feet on a path that leads to obedience to Christ's command to love God and our neighbor as ourself? This challenge is not new, just the names of the other gods.

Sometimes re-MEMBERING who you are and whose you are can help. We look forward and inward in Advent, preparing our hearts and our lives to receive God among us as a baby in a manger. It catalyzes a shift in perspectives and values that changes everything. EMMANUEL, God with us, is both a promise and a prayer.

Advent Peace,

Pastor Mark