I couldn't resist this selfie. Best blank face ever!
I wear masks. Sometimes my mask is a smile, hiding pain. Sometimes my mask is a frown, hiding confusion. Sometimes my mask is a snarl, hiding fear. Sometimes my mask is just a place to hide so I don't have to deal with people's responses to what they think they see on my face. My masks are very personal and tell a story of me I may not want the world to know.

I see others wearing masks too. Masking things for the sake of the communities to which we belong. Sometimes even hiding things from themselves, promising me that the masks are their true selves. Sometimes I poke at them to see if they flinch. Most of the time I respect folks' need to "put a good face on it." We all know the masks are there.

Into this ever shifting, "is it real or not?" reality God breathes life. Seeing behind our masks, promising to be with us through our pain, confusion, shame and fear. Promising life, grace and forgiveness no matter what we think we know about the person behind the mask.

As we remove our All-Hallows-Eve masks and move towards Thanksgiving in the secular world, let us also move from masks to thanks giving in our hearts. And may the peace of God which passes all understanding keep our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Pastor Mark