Questions of Honor

On our way across the country Pam and I discovered the Minidoka "Relocation Center", one of 10 concentration camps established to incarcerate 110,000 Americans of Japanese descent that lived in the coastal regions of the Pacific States. Amidst the swirling fears of our country's current situation it stands down a gravel road in the middle of nowhere, mostly forgotten.

Sunday's text is about the call of Moses by God to free his people from their enslavement in Egypt. Like most immigrants to the United States, the Hebrew people went to Egypt seeking a better life for their children. As political climates changed, they ended up slaves. God heard their cries and called Moses. This story from Exodus raises all sorts of questions for us about nationalism, freedom, immigration, human rights, our image of God, and our call to be agents of change for God.

The people of Minidoka planted a Japanese Garden adjacent to one of the eight guard towers, inside barbed wire fence at the entrance to the camp. In front of the garden they erected this honor roll sign. On it are the names of over a thousand men and women who left the camp to serve in the United States military.

How does our image of God affect what we honor and what we fear?
How do we honor Jesus' command to love God and love our neighbor in every facet of our lives?
How does grace set us free to honor God's call on our lives?

Reformation Peace,
Pastor Mark