A few years ago on Canon Beach an onshore wind was blowing,  a friend was feeding gulls and I was playing with light and perspective amidst a raucous cacophony of seagull sounds. It was a holy moment that reaches forward and forms how I think about wind and wings.

A few weeks ago. I flew to San Antonio and heard Barbara Brown Taylor read a poem by David Swanger that talks about how God moves through our lives and wings connect us to God's movement.

Wings come in many forms, friends, family, pastor, church community, events momentous and mundane, and even tragedy can inspire and lift. The people of Family of Grace are giving me a set of wings for the summer, sending me out to fly on the winds of the spirit. I hope to gather some practical honing of administrative skill at a mini MBA for pastors course. I hope to gather (write) some melodies and words for worship that we can use in the fall. I hope to wander in the spirit, resting, relaxing and reconnecting to God's love for me in Christ that will reach forward and form how I think about the mission and ministry that we are about here on Lea Hill.

Thank God for Wings,
Pastor Mark