Luke has been messing with me....

Image by Daniel Bonnell
Luke has been messing with me. Learn grace from my enemy the Samaritian, as he is the only one who stops to help? Learn what feels like to be one of the good flock of ninety nine sheep that don't wander that loose our shepherd to one wanderer? Learn about the imperative to celebrate when the lost is found, even when we all know how much its going to cost? And what if Zaccheus was already generous and Jesus just acknowledged him and broke the crowds prejudgement about wealth? Luke keeps challenging me to just breath and receive Jesus' gifts and parables and give up on justifying myself.

It turns out I have recurring tendency to fight grace, to argue with generosity and to discount my need for being saved. (I can do this myself, thank you very much!) The good news is that God sees through the lies I tell myself and saves me in spite of my rebellious self serving and preserving tendencies. My task here is to spread the word: we are saved by GRACE and this is not our own doing or even within the realm of our imagination.

We receive this gift and have no other thought than to leap for joy.
Peace (and undeserved joy) on your lenten journey to the foot of the cross,
Pastor Mark