Fast, Fast and Fast

Fast is found in every language. Humanity is attracted to speed. Faster, farther more, is a well worn path into a fleeting and fickle future, into which we are blown and rushed with no rest.

Hold fast we say, so the winds of change don't sweep us away. Fasten yourselves to what you love and hold on tight!

When we fast for forty days in Lent  we slow profoundly and leave familiars behind. In the absence of the need for faster, farther more; letting go of habits we have be clinging to, we open ourselves to the wind and direction of the Holy Spirit.

I invite you to pick up a 40 Days of Fasting booklet at the entrance to the church or download it here and move with the community of faith at Family of Grace through at time of slowing down and letting go. It is my pray that as we open our selves to change the Holy Spirit will set our sails on a course to renewed and deeper relationships with one another, with creation and with God.

Peace to you as you slow down and let go.
Pastor Mark