Gutenberg & Facebook & Snapchat

Last week I was at a conference with other Lutheran Pastors listening to a Luther Scholar help us understand the world in which Luther proclaimed the Gospel. 16th century Europe was a time of tumultuous change in all the areas a society can change. Into that comes Martin, pointing at Jesus, helping us read and understand God's love for the world in our native languages and using the latest technology of the day (Gutenberg's printing press) to bring his ideas to lots and lots of people.

I went to that conference a day after our church leadership decided that our focus for the upcoming year needed to be on communicating God's love by whatever means available, "broadcasting on all channels" (to use a early T.V. metaphor). As we explore what this means together, I invite your collective experience in exactly what this looks like. What media finds its way into your life? How can Family of Grace share the love of Christ in community using that media?

Social media is a new name for a universally human experience. Connecting with purpose. We are invited into the same long conversation that has been happening throughout history, and invited to share our good news. How will you proclaim Christ in inviting and engaging ways this week? Start by liking Family of Grace Lutheran on FaceBook and inviting your FaceBook Friends to do the same.......

Pastor Mark