Not the Kindom of God

Dan Erlander's drawing of the land God's people escaped.
I recently read an article questioning Christianity's support of power and politics. A couple of days later  I was working on a reformation sermon and thinking about Luther's search for a gracious God that  lead him out of institutional church structures and back into scripture. Those two thoughts pointed me even further back to Jesus and Elijah and Moses and Manna. 

It seems that when we move away from trusting God for daily bread we trade our freedom in Christ for bondage to a system that looks like the one on the left. Fear is at the heart of this trade. Fear that we won't have enough. Fear that things won't go as we imagine or expect. Fear that we will lose.

I've also been to four of the five cottage meetings and listened to thirty stories of how God is working in people's lives. There is an abundance to God's daily bread that I had never imagined. These stories  answer our fears with trust and give me a great sense of peace.

Give thanks that God is with us. Give thanks that the kindom of God is coming. And remember it does NOT look like the picture! 
Peace, Pastor Mark