Stewardship and Abundance

The first September of seminary was my family's first fall on the mainland. On Kaua'i pumpkins were scarce, imported and expensive. Our family had always only had one. In Iowa a mystery plant showed up in our front yard in the middle of summer and produced pumpkins for each of us and a few friends. We were surprised and delighted by such abundance.

I look around and think of all the things Family of Grace is and has been a part of as a community and I have the the same sense of surprise and delight. As stewards, people of faith are charged with tending and keeping all that God's abundance provides. As we gather in October for cottage meetings to tell our stories, I encourage you to expand your definition of stewardship to include time, talents, resources, skills, and gifts. As we stop and ponder and tell our stories we will be lead into thanksgiving, and from thanksgiving into praise and from praise into fearless generosity. We will be surprised and delighted by what God is doing in our hearts and in our community.

Such abundance.

Pastor Mark