Capitol Capital Cap it All

Visited D.C. for the second time in my life last week.
I spent the week where wealth and power meet to maintain the status quo. I was there to study campus ministry with Lutheran Campus Pastors from across the country. We worked hard to network together a voluntary system to replace the recently defunded ELCA system. I'm told money is tight in the non-profit sector. In the afternoon I walked the National Mall thinking about the trillions of dollars that change hands in this country each year.

On the way home my shuttle driver was from Sierra Leone. When I got in the van he was listening to a preacher in another language. He saw the sign on the church where he picked me up and asked about Lutherans. When he was a child Lutherans had helped at his refugee camp and he remembered. He said if he had not been Muslim he would have become Lutheran. I asked him about the Koran. He could not read it but he intoned a prayer that he had learned by rote. It was beautiful. He said it was like our Lord's Prayer, praying for God's will to be done and for daily bread. He wanted to connect. He wanted me to know that he thought that God had saved his life back in Sierra Leone. He said thank God for Lutherans.

Lutheran World Relief showed two faithful people a way to find common ground in a city that thrives on dividing, name-calling and polarizing. Priceless.