Owen got baptized this week. 
His head is wet. His eyes are bright. His friends and family are gathered to share God's joy.
We've all made promises to help raise him to know God and God's love for the world. 
We've all been swept up in a moment of shared grace, remembering our own baptism.

Owen leaves tomorrow. 
Back to his home and his growing life somewhere else. 
Lots of times love means letting go. 
There is rhythm to life as we come together, connect, share and go. 
We do the same as we gather for college, for work, for worship 
or to be God's people in this place and time. 
Change is constant. Love is constant. Mercy and Grace are constant. 
Tears flow freely as we say hello and goodbye 
over and over, almost in the same breath.

I give thanks for these fresh moments God gives, in worship, in working with students, in working with God's beloved ones young and old as we come together as God's family.
There are fresh faces in worship, fresh faces heading towards us for VBS and campus ministry. 
Remember what if feels like when our heads are wet, 
our eyes are bright and we gather with God's family to share God's joy.
We are baptized. We are loved. We are children of God.