Faith Hope Love & Death

She came back for him at first light, while mist still hung in wisps on the placid stretch of river. Her intense gaze scoured the near and far banks. Her mournful wail cut through the morning stillness, calling her missing son's name.This is hope, I told myself as I fought back the tears.

I brought communion to four women as they visited a friend in rehab the day after Mother's Day. As I was doing what I do, my mind was wandering away to the spring Sunday when I last shared this meal with my mother. And I thought NO, I share this meal with her each time. Maybe this is faith.

My dad came to visit and we talked about mom's death. He loves to ask his grandkids "How's your love life?" with a twinkle in his eye. On Mother's Day at adult forum someone asked, "What's manna?" I went into the pastor/teacher explanation. Dad said manna is finding love after love has died. In the still room when he finished speaking I thought, love never dies.

Death deepens and sharpens life.
Through shadow comes light.
Faith hope and love abide.