What now? What next?

I've been to a coaching class lately and as a coach I get to ask this pair of questions towards the end of the coaching time. As a pastor I think they fit nicely just after Christ is Risen! He is Risen indeed Alleluia!

What now!
What next!

What now? asks how the world has changed and what it looks like now.

What next? asks what the very next thing we do needs to be.

What now? leads me into how we as resurrection people view what is happening in our lives. I am very aware that what we do together as a congregation changes as a result of who shows up. It is also fascinating and inspiring to me how the Holy Spirit continues to breath life into our ministries. Imagine a Minecraft VBS. Imagine international student ministries, imagine senior ministries, imagine music ministries, imagine Lutheran World Relief quilting ministries, imagine Lutheran Campus Ministries and there is much much more. Now imagine that the 60-75 folks who show up on Sundays are only a part of the folks who come to Family of Grace to benefit from our location and building. 40-50 folks show up on Sunday afternoons in 2 congregation. 40-50 folks come on Mondays for Green River Homeschool Co-Op. Cub Scouts are here on Monday nights, GRCC Voice class on Tuesdays, 4-H on Thursdays, and Narcotics Anonymous has 70-80 at their meetings Saturday nights at 9.What now leads me into a sense of gratitude and joy for all that God is doing in this place to bring God's love into the world.

What next? Can only be answered as we collectively answer God's call in our lives. What are your gifts and your calling that God is inviting you to use in this time and this place for the sake of sharing God's love for the whole world? God's abundance is already in us!

I look forward to stewarding this tree of life as it grows and blesses our community!

Peace in God's garden,
Pastor Mark