Lutheran World Relief Quilts Ready for Shipment
I grew up in a Lutheran pastor's household. I am sad to say that in my very rebellious teenage mind, I missed connecting with all the stuff Lutherans do. My wife was baptized 6 months before we were married, ask her about all the stuff Lutherans do.

The theology of the cross, which locates God WITH suffering and marginalized peoples, drives us out of our comfort zones and across the planet looking for ways to connect in response to God's abundance in our lives. Abundant grace. Abundant food. Abundant almost everything, except maybe peace. The peace that comes from knowing you are making a difference.

Lent is a time to return to God. Return to grace. Re-turn towards those who suffer and are marginalized. How is God calling us as a family of grace into our identity as a people who follow Christ to the cross and into the world? Check out some responses to that question here. Maybe God is already working connections in your life that we could learn from. This Sunday, or maybe one in the near future, stand up after church and tell your story of how you connect your abundance with the world's need. And we will walk our lenten walk to the cross and a-cross the planet together.

Pastor Mark