Christmas Spirit, Holy Spirit & Just Plain Spirits

Mom in December of 2006

At Family of Grace we encourage people to get in the Christmas Spirit by offering a a night of Christmas music,  by decorating the sanctuary, by picking up a tag off the giving tree and asking folks to buy presents for folks in need, by singing carols, reading and writing Advent devotions... There is more that won't pop into my head right now because as I was driving to church this morning I was over-whelmed by a sense of longing for the Christmas in this picture.

When dad retired from the ministry in 2000, our oldest kid was off to college and mom and dad started a tradition of traveling from Hawaii to our house at Christmas. I treasure those memories of mom noodling about our home, baking and shopping and spreading the Christmas Spirit.

This Christmas I will go to the Longest Night Service we are hosting with Messiah Lutheran and pray that the Holy Spirit comforts and consoles those for whom this is a season of loneliness and longing. And I will be one with them, knowing that the Christmas Spirit, the Holy Spirit and my mom's spirit are are alive in me.

 Merry Christmas to all of you. May the joy of knowing God is with us and connects us bring a smile through the tears, and a deep sense of peace.

Pastor Mark