All Saints Lineup

Mother and Daughter are precious in the present.

     Sometimes I think religion has done a disservice to God's work in the world by filling the word "saint" with iconic images of very "good" dead people. Yet my experience of the living gives me many more powerful examples of holiness. Not to detract from the summarized lives of those we remember, but those we experience in our present moments are the ones who are now changing the world.
     We stand in a long line of folks who have shared in God's work. And we are now at the front of that line. As we toll the bell for precious saints departed on Sunday, I pray that the saints present will be surrounded, and moved forward by the same Holy Spirit that they are celebrating in those they have loved and lost. We are all made holy by God's spirit moving in and through us. Thanks be to God!
Peace in your present moments,

Pastor Mark