Translating and Re-Forming our Negative Space

A powerpoint slide from TextInChurch. Notice the Negative Space
Some of you may have noticed the new slides encouraging you to text in church. Text WELCOME if you are new, text CONNECT to get connected and so forth. Funny thing is, we've had the slides for 2 weeks and no one has texted in church. I wonder why.

The purveyors of this technological marvel claim that speaking the language on the gadgets of the generation you are reaching out to is important. I agree. As we are updating our website and our FaceBook page and our entire social media presence, the ability to text reminders and messages fits nicely. I wonder if it will work.

Connecting and remaining connected requires persistence and intentionality from both parties. Technology helps and is convenient. But it is the Holy Spirit that continually brings us together. It's like the puzzle in the picture above, we create the negative space into which the other might fit and God makes our connections.

At the end of October we will celebrate "Reformation" Sunday. It's a tradition in the Lutheran tradition to sing Luther's songs and celebrate our traditions. I wonder about a church that celebrates its ability to re-form itself to the Gospel by looking back at how it used to work. This year I think we will try a singing some new songs. And as we learn new languages and technologies with which we proclaim the good news of God's love, we stop look and listen for the wind of God's Spirit fitting together our negative spaces.