A section of the North Chinese Wall in the Bob Marshall Wilderness
Looking back on our summer backpacking adventure I could tick off milestones and accomplishments that might sound impressive. But they are not how the trail was lived. The daily rhythm of waking, walking, mending and tending encompassed our waking hours. We saw the grand vista in the picture on the morning of the fourth day of walking. We walked away from it after lunch and walked for five more days to get back to our transportation. Repetition and rhythm brought us home.

Repetition and rhythm are all around us at Family of Grace. Weekly worship, Sunday School, confirmation, bible study, Amazing Grace gatherings, prayer breakfast, choir practice, band practice, Stephen Ministry, and various ministry meetings, on and on and on goes the rhythm of our life together. Even in our weekly worship there is repetition and rhythm as we gather and pray, listen and sing, and come to the meal that Christ hosts. Repetition and rhythm bring us home.

Coming out of summer, we are at a point in our cycle where it is easy to come aboard, try new trails and find new rhythms for your life. Come let us be on "The Way" together.

Pastor Mark