Constructs and Construction

Lichfield Cathedral with only a photographer present.
I recently attended a movement sponsored by an institution. The Festival of Homiletics gathered preachers from a host of denominations and faiths in Denver for a week of preaching, teaching, collaboration and reflection. It is going to take a while to understand what all this means for me and us and the church I serve. Here's one simple to explain "take away" that has profound implications for our life together.

Institutions are established structures with rules and processes. Movements are ways of gathering people together to change and move forward and do new things. Without movements, institutions stagnate and become meaningless. Without institutions, movements grow weary and disappear as their members age out or loose interest.

Family of Grace has a history of being a movement within the institution of the Lutheran Church. It was begun in the 80's as an alternate to the more formal institutional Lutheran Churches in the area and it thrived as such. 35 years later this raises a pair questions; What parts of our life together are more institutional than they need to be? and; What parts of our life together are more movement than can be sustained?

I welcome your thoughts on this. Our life together is shaped by who we are and how we perceive God pulling us into God's future.

Pastor Mark