Invitational Church

Last winter I received an invitation to come play music for an Amazing Grace! music event. Guitar player Chris and our band leader Kaitlin and our choir accompanist Natalie also received invitations, but I didn't know about them. I imagined myself playing solo for 45 minutes and thought, NO!, so I invited to Chris who had already been invited and we decided to collaborate. Come to discover there were many invitations. Kaitlin invited her musical mother and father to collaborate. Natalie invited Kaitlin's help. We could have called it a night of invitational music. It was a night of good music and good fun. And a good model of how God's invitation works in our lives.

There is much work that God gives, from tending creation, to building relationships, to making beautiful music to gardening and planting and cleaning and the imagination boggles to include the possibilities. But God's giving comes as invitation passed from person to person. 

We are invited into this Christ Centered community. We are inviting others to share our joy. We are surprised at who shows up and the gifts they bring. Welcome to invitational life.

Pastor Mark