I see a tree!

What do you see?
A few days ago at Christmas I read, "See, see, what do you see?" to the child sitting on my lap. It was a wonderful moment of humor and discovery as she pointed to a monkey in a tree and turned and smiled. It brought back memories of when her mother had done the same. Yet it was new and different. I was different. She was new. The book was the same.

See, see, what do you see? Looking at this picture of the church is something some of you have done now for years. It is a wonderful place of community and sharing God's love in Christ with the world. Here are housed myriad memories, but make no mistake, we are different. Many of us are now new. God's mission of sharing the love of Christ in community is the same. I see a tree!

See, see, what do you see? It's just a building. Yet it welcomes worship on two days, and scouts, and a homeschool co-op, and a GRCC class, and bible study and confirmation and youth group and GRCC International Student Group and choir and meetings and counseling. I see a well worn tool for sharing the love of Christ in community and people who to use it well.

See, see, what do you see? We're a congregation whose average worship attendance is slowly slipping but whose vision for the mission we serve here on Lea Hill and into the world is growing. God help us in this new year to remain faithful to our mission, trusting God to provide the people essential to that mission and that as we grow in faith our security will be God's faithfulness.

See, see, what do I see? I see a tree; of life, of God's love, of growth, of hope.

Revelation 22:2 ...and the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations...

Peace, Pastor Mark