Previously Preposterous Prospective Perceptions

Looking into an Early Sunset across Monastery Lake, Pecos, New Mexico
When ever Neal and I gather to write as we are this week the first thing we do is open scripture and pray on the question, "what do our congregations need to hear?" It's not an original question but it helps us focus. We go out to a new place, experience new things, see the world and our lives from a new and sometimes out of focus perspective and creativity begins to flow.

This week we checked in and out of the most inhospitable retreat center we have found in 16 years of writing. But it raised questions about the nature and function of hospitality in our congregations. It sent us into the scriptures looking at Jesus' hospitality and it lead us to a place of grace that we will be sharing in a couple of weeks. Just a teaser: it turns out that hospitality is a huge theme in Jesus' ministry and we will be playing and praying with Peter as he learns and relearns to fish for people.

Sometimes all it takes is a dip in a frozen lake to shock us awake.
Welcome to a world where Christ is making all things new.
Welcome to the adventure of advent.
Welcome to Peter's previously preposterous prospective perceptions!