Kelsi on the Tree
A couple weeks ago at confirmation camp I got to see some folks conquer their fears. They gathered as a group, watched and learned from each other, then took their turn scampering up the tree and leaping from the platform as the rest of the group cheered them on.

It sounds fairly simple... Yet no description is adequate to what it FEELS like when you're the one on the tree. Those little metal loops you are supposed to grab and step on as your heart races away in your chest and your eyes dilate and you realize just how far away the ground is and how small the cheering friends are. It is enough though to keep moving, keep climbing, let your body do what it can do. Then leap and you're zipping down the cable.


Sometimes our walk with God can be a similar adventure. God calls us into mission and ministry that we may find uncomfortable. Tithing, praying, helping, teaching, hosting, singing, planning, walking in neighborhoods, serving in leadership, can all feel quite daunting. Who has time in their schedule or room in their budget for these things? Contemplating taking the first step can be like standing at the base of a tree looking at the tiny little handholds. And yet you hear the encouragement of the saints that gather on Sundays to keep climbing and let the Body of Christ do what it can do.

We are coming up on a very active time in the life of the church. There are myriad opportunities to conquer your fears and grow your faith as you engage in God's work in the world through Family of Grace. The cheers are rising as you...


Pastor Mark