Already Not Yet

the new view from my study is already amazing and not yet fully filled...
The landscaping improvements at Family of Grace are already looking great.
     They are not yet fully complete.
The transformation of our worship space and our worship face has already begun.
     It is not yet fully realized.
Our transition to a new choir director has already begun.
     It is not yet fully complete.
Our welcoming of health ministry has already begun, with Stephen Ministers and a Parish Nurse.
     It is not yet fully grown.
Our ministry to the community with our Good Samaritan Fund is already serving the community.
     It is not yet fully accomplished all God intends.

We pray in the Lord's Prayer that God's kingdom would come... 
     See it all around. It is already here. It is already coming.
          It is not yet complete.
Thanks be to God that we individually and collectively are a work in progress.
          Not Yet.
                   Pastor Mark