Lost and Found

The other day Josh and I discovered that one of his confirmation classmates was playing her cello in the Auburn Orchestra Festival. We cut out of confirmation early and Josh's mom drove us to the concert. Half of Auburn must have been there we parked on the other side of campus, walked by hundreds of instrument cases from every middle and elementary and high school orchestra in Auburn and arrived at the gym PACKED with players and fans. We were looking for one cello player and her mom. We made our way through the crowd and up into the bleachers, spotted mom and there was space to sit. She helped us find Janeese and we were treated to a room full of strings making beautiful music.

It struck me that most of the people there were there for one person but enjoyed the event put on by all. As our "Each One Reach One" evangelism focus comes into full bloom this summer we are hoping that something similar happens at Family of Grace.

One day, one or a couple of your friends will ask you about FoG and discover that VBS or Summer BBQs or Band Sunday or Sunday Worship and will show up, in the back, after the event has started. Your ability to recognize them and help them feel comfortable and our planning and preparation for them arriving will be tested. And after the initial flurry we will all settle in to make beautiful music together.

Peace be with you all as your invitations make their way into the world.

Pastor Mark