Abundant Life

Early on the Second First day of the Week
(the week after Easter)
As we wait behind locked hearts for the risen Christ I have noticed some differences in our "garden." Take a second or third good look at the picture. What signs of resurrection do you notice? Is it the family Alleluia! and He is Risen! banners along the walls? Or the new paint, or carpet, or chair rails, or lighting, or hanging art, or quilts, or care kits. Yes. All of it is new and transformative. Signs for all to see.

And more signs of resurrection are on getting ready to burst into bloom. Amazing Grace! is rounding up folks and baskets for an old fashioned western BBQ complete with Annie Oakley and Calamity Jane. On Pentecost, four students will affirm their baptism, and have made it clear they want to continue with youth group activities. Over twenty college students are gathering every Friday night for fellowship, and on Tuesdays to plan, and on Saturdays for bible study in Chinese. VBS is on the way with Dare To Dream as our theme, focusing on the story of Joseph. The summer lunch program has requested to move to the new park down the street so recruiting for VBS will be more challenging but we have contacts from last year. Our landscaping renovation project is gearing up for a transformative summer planting. We have applicants for our choir director position. We are recruiting Stephen Ministers to expand our ministry capacity. This garden is bursting with new life.

We see Christ in the garden as he calls us by name.
We see Christ behind the locked doors as he meets us and gives us peace and breaths into us the Spirit, teaching us to forgive and sending us out.
We see Christ where he is always, out and about in our community bringing resurrection and abundant life. Truly we are like Mary exclaiming, "We have seen the Lord!"

Christ is Risen Indeed! Alleluia!