God's Valentines

One of the members of FoG treated the morning prayer group to chocolates and cards - WOW

The day before Valentine's Day the prayer group gathered at Sharis for breakfast and prayers, as we normally do on the second and fourth Thursday's of every month. Marion was glowing. She had Valentines for everyone, chocolates and cards. We had a festive, warm and wonderful morning, lifting Family of Grace and Lea Hill in prayer.

And then the restaurant manager came to the table and gave us money. Now this is a first. Usually the server brings the check and we give the manager your money. As she brought us money she said that the day before a customer with red hair (we asked!) had given their server money to cover our breakfast. The manager was glowing as she delivered our Valentine and gave us the change as a donation to the church. Even as a bystander she recognized this as an act of love. It appears that the public ministry of prayer is noticed and at least one non-church member appreciates our presence and said so with a loud thank you. 

God's ministry in this place may begin with Valentines from loving church members, but it spreads like wildfire into the hearts of all who have eyes to see. As we serve and love publicly, we are used by God to touch lives of people we may never meet and who rarely acknowledge that they have been moved. And yet they are. Thanks be to God for ever-present community connections. Thanks be to God for the one who spoke for all who do not, and helped us see that this place and these people are God's gift to us and we to them. Happy Valentines!