Driving Past

The Johnsons circa 1968
I pass five churches, five schools and a Sikh temple on my five mile drive to work. They often blur into my thoughts for the day and blend with the background of trees, lights and leaves. It is an act of will to remember where they are and celebrate what they represent in my life and the life of the community. Faithfulness and learning are core values for my life and they are institutionalized on the road I travel.

This week marked two years since my mother's death. As I look at this picture I see my father the pastor and my mother the teacher gathering us around music and I pause. My mother taught us faithfulness and my father's faith formed us into life-long learners. Who did what and when for how long blurs into my thoughts for the day. The five of us shared life for so long.

I am who I am because of that sharing.

It is an act of will to remember, celebrate, and give thanks to God.