God is teaching me...

"Can't not lead!" is a an epitaph some folks might write on my headstone some day. But as I live and grow in community God continues to teach me to step back, let go, and share the joy of planning and bringing to fruition, wonderful ministry to our community.

This congregation is an amazing, growing, mix of leaders, workers and support people that love to love our community and world with an incredible mix of events, projects and programs. God's first challenge to me trying to lead everywhere is to simply overwhelm me with all the wonderful ministry happening without me ever knowing about it. God's second challenge to me trying to control all the plays, is the passion God puts in your hearts for the ministries you carry. God's gift to me is the surprise I have when I find I am in the midst of such inspired, gifted folks.

So when I gathered with three international students yesterday in my office to design an invitation to and untitled event, I expected to gather ideas, name the event and design the card myself. God had something to teach me. This group brainstormed, designed and put together the invitation you see, named the group, set out the structure for activities and the invitation was in my inbox this morning.

God is teaching me to live with a thankful heart.
I think I can learn that.

Christmas Peace Day 6,
Pastor Mark

By the way, if you would like to support this ministry with food, fellowship or presence, we will be meeting Friday evenings from 6:30 to 8 beginning January 9.