I can see!

Work on our landscaping project has begun.

I drove into the parking lot this morning and saw two trees lying in pieces on the ground. "Ultimate pruning" ran through my head. And then I saw our long hidden church wall and the scruffy back of the old sign and the trash enclosure and the other trees that needed ultimate pruning. And, it is amazing how accustomed I was to the way it was. And, how I almost didn't see the changes. And how I almost miss the hiddenness?  And, how it is humbling to be tree in the horizontal, headed for the wood pile. And how exciting it is to see our project underway, and, and, and. Such a flood of thoughts in response to a planned and highly anticipated change.

And then my mind wanders to how our relationship with God is based on God's love and our humility and trust. This calls for some major changes each time I think I've figured things out. And the first steps to change are painful, especially when the grand design calls for pruning.

And my mind wanders to how God has pruned me so that I can be part of God's grand design.

What is God pruning in your life?