Generation to Generation

On work day Chris gathers leaves.
You might have seen Chris, Maurice and Cecelia in worship, or at work day, gathering leaves and washing windows. They traveled here from Taiwan where their families are friends and their fathers are professors at a university. Two of them were born in the US. Two are siblings. Two have completed two years of college. All three have been baptized and one in a Lutheran church. They come with faith. When I asked them how we could help them, they paused and said they were here to help us, so we sat and shared stories.

One of the stories they shared was of a young married student completing his PhD in Berkeley. He and his wife and newborn daughter had found no place to live and were running out of resources living in a hotel. In a supermarket parking lot a member of a Taiwanese Christian church in Berkeley heard them speaking and invited them to church and they found a place to live through connections at the church. The family came to faith, the father finished his PhD and twenty years later sent his children to the US to experience life. And where do they find community?

Every single one of us has a story of God's love calling and surrounding our lives. Know and share your story with these faithful sojourners. Maybe you will discover which one has Lutheran roots! Generation to generation, blessings abound.