Hook Line and Sinker!

Kid's Message on Rally Day
Sometimes preaching is like fishing. You have what you think is the right equipment, [knowledge, interpretation, story]. You put together what you think is the correct bait to catch the fish you're after, [directed questions, leading statements, guided visualizations]. And you stand up and cast.

Karen Stahl was out fishing for how God provides last Sunday. She had done her homework and equipped various members with various items that they would provide on cue. She was on a roll, talking about how God provides and having folks from the congregation providing.

Then she asked, "What do these folks provide?" pointing to the congregation. She was fishing for, "love, teaching, food, friends." Four year old Abby took the bait and answered, "FAMILY"

She caught us all. Hook, line, and sinker. Kid's message limit caught in a one word answer.

Welcome to Family of Grace!