Are we having fun yet?

What we look like coming from GRCC
This picture presents a problem. As you walk into the sanctuary and look down, and around, you will see 25 year old carpet fraying at the seams. Another problem. This fall we are solving these problems. But here's the thing, when those problems are solved there will be others. And when those problems are solved there will be others and when....

Problem solving removes annoyances but falls short of giving great joy. Joy comes from the people we stand next to as we solve our problems. I might be an odd duck, but my joy in solving problems is twenty percent in the removal of the annoyance and eighty percent in the relationships I build while working through the problems. I look at pictures of the building of this building and see all kinds of relationships that were built at the same time the building was built. As we address the building of curb appeal and carpet, our challenge is to have fun and build relationships.

As we solve our problems together, what builds joy in you?
Me? I want to buy the carpet under Chris's chair!

Pastor Mark