Just Jump

A view from the deck showing the islands in across Pickering Channel.
Neal Mather and I have been getting together to write an Advent and Lent series for fifteen years.  We just jump and the the Holy Spirit catches us and teaches us and co-creates with us. Every year for fifteen years we have looked at each other by day two and smiled, knowing that we have a plan for the series that has been inspired by our third writer.

Each day we write we spend part of the day in some sort of physical activity. On the third day we took the tandem kayak out to the island and back. Easy. On the fourth day we decided that we would kayak around the island. I thought that the inlet just visible to the right of the cabin was the edge of the island and we would be paddling for about an hour. We set out at ebb tide and went clockwise around the island, away from what I thought was the tip of the island. We got to the back side and saw what we thought was the end, paddled to it and it was an inlet. We did this again and again and again, eventually paddling about 10 miles in 4 hours to circumnavigate Squaxin Island. It was an adventure full of jumping fish and low-flying  eagles, basking seals and oyster beds, cormorant colonies and floating fish farms. Would we have done it if we had looked at a map and seen what we were attempting? Probably not. Are we glad we just jumped? Definitely.

Our lives with God are filled with opportunities to just jump. And every once in a while we do, to God's delight.

Pastor Mark