Jammin' Part 2

42 students and 32 helpers taught one another to trust God and believe that in God all things are possible. The students played, sang, stomped, clapped, ran, created, acted, marched and and ate themselves into the shape of God's children, full of life and learning. The helpers lead, carried, cajoled and scurried to keep ahead of the students and do everything they were doing with even more energy, setting a wonderful example of faithful, playful service. 30 of the 42 students have yet to worship with Family of Grace on a Sunday but for the three nights of VBS we were all the church together. The students and helpers, newcomers and old-timers  wove together wonderfully and I have no idea who was having more fun.

The story we told taught that wall came down as the Israelites, soldiers, and Joshua learned to trust God. As we lived, played and taught, those three days, lots of walls came down.

Thanks be to God.

Peace and Falling Walls,
Pastor Mark