Homemade VBS T-shirt on our heat press. Bill, Rick and Karen were jammin'!
The other night Dave and Carla Schick and I sat on my deck and jammed. Three voices, two guitars and an autoharp wrapped melodies and harmonies and rhythms and energies round and round for hours and hours. It was glorious and delightful and my wife and daughter were the audience of two (discounting the legion of mosquitos and God who showed up smiling). We traded melodies back and forth, listened and included and let the other's music reach into our hearts. It is a beautiful thing to harmonize with someone, and a great joy to have another's voice added to yours. There will be jammin' when Jesus returns, I'm sure.

This week is the grand finale for lots of jammin' we've been doing to put together VBS.
Tuesday at 6pm, Jammin' in Jericho beigns. 15 leaders and 50 kids running round and round, learning to trust God, who tells us to play instruments and let God take care of the insurmountable challenges, like walls and enemies and fears and such.

What a calling.
Come join the jammin'!

Peace and a Marching Band!
Pastor Mark