What will "they" think?

Professor Tom Winter on the University of Nebraska campus. 
Last week I was struck by the image of the loving father lifting his robes and joyfully running to meet his wayward, homecoming son. It wasn't proper or dignified or socially acceptable. "They," whoever "they" were in his life would not approve. In his excitement, in his heart, he got carried away.

This Saturday we are heading out to greet our community and invite them to celebrate Easter with us. Whoever the "theys" are in your life I'm sure they are raising their collective eyebrows. "You are doing WHAT?" In our excitement, in our hearts we are due to be carried away.

The skateboarding professor began skateboarding because there was no parking on campus. Problem solved.  Eyebrows raised. We go out because people handing out cards is a direct and simple way to get our invitation out to the people we want to meet. Problem solved. Eyebrows raised.

Yes, yes, bring your skateboards!
See You Saturday!

Pastor Mark