There's a history of worship here

Wanda Benson singing in the early days of Family of Grace
Wanda Benson passed away last Sunday just as she would have been heading to worship at Family of Grace. In my mind it's almost as if she decided to ride to worship with her late husband Hamar. Of one thing I am certain, Wanda did not miss worship. Even in these last weeks when she would spend most of her days sleeping, she came to worship, and was surrounded by her children and her family of grace.

In worship we give thanks, we sing, we pray, listen and learn in community from those who gather and from those who have gone before.  You might wonder how will we worship without Wanda? In my mind we won't. She has joined the heavenly chorus of the saints in light that worship with us every week.

Come and celebrate Wanda's life at Family of Grace this Saturday at 2pm. We will give thanks, sing, pray, listen and learn in community, from those who will gather and from those who have gone before.

And then we will go in peace and serve the Lord.
Thanks be to God.

Pastor Mark