With My Own Eyes

I-10 West, Near Desert Center
I've seen a picture of this bus on a bus here and there in passing, in a movie, on a website. I can't remember exactly but I knew something like it existed somewhere. But seeing it grow larger and larger on the horizon, I scrambled for my camera and snapped this as I sped by thinking, "Now I've seen it with my own eyes."

There is a difference between knowing something exists and experiencing it with your own eyes.  It is the difference between learning about things and learning things. I much prefer the latter. This lent, in our midweek services, we will  experience 5 stories from the bible through drama and discussion and they will come alive for you in a way that is unavailable by simply knowing they exist.

My prayer is that by experiencing the stories you might move from knowing about God's love to knowing God's love.

Peace and Preparation,
Pastor Mark