Mist and Mystery

The far shore of Clark Lake in the mist
Mist and mystery often fill this place we live, making things and directions unclear or nebulous at best. We end up navigating by rote, squinting into the fog, frustrated at the delays to our agenda and schedule.  The other day, when it was time to take a walk, fog filled the firmament. Undeterred, we set out and discovered that on foot a shroud of fog gives an amazing covering of stillness, beauty and peace to the landscape. Familiar landmarks fade and blur and we walk on in wonder, seeing things through new eyes. Mist and mystery transformed my agenda and filled my afternoon with God's presence and peace.

Many of the core beliefs of our faith are shrouded in mystery. Baptism, communion, Christ's resurrection and God's presence and peace come to us in faith and mystery. Often we balk at the mystery, struggling to explain and define that which we wish to believe. Sometimes though we walk on undeterred by the mist and mystery and discover stillness, beauty and peace that we had missed in our search for clarity and definition. When our agendas and schedules are fouled with fog, we discover that Christ is with us in mist and mystery.

May the mist and mystery of God with us transform our agendas and our lives and lead us into Gods presence and peace.

Pastor Mark