Celebrating Saints

Wanda's Birthday Celebration with her Sister's in Grace
This picture doesn't show it but there are 14 sisters in grace celebrating, plus Doug and I. And we don't say it but we are celebrating Wanda's connected life of faith (and 98th birthday). Wanda has lead and cajoled and written and painted and directed her way into our hearts through the years.

This day the color was lavender; cake and cap; sweater, dress and flowers, all coordinated, all beautiful.
This day we celebrated her. But this day follows so many others where she celebrated with us and for us. Wanda connected herself to all of us by her capacity to celebrate our lives. Most times she does this by giving thanks in prayer and in deed. Sometimes by pulling us aside with quite words of encouragement.

Blessed be the tie that binds our hearts in love.
Thanks be to God for you Wanda Benson.

Pastor Mark