An Advent Advent-ure
I've been wondering why it looks like less people are gathered for "other than worship" events. Part of me thinks it is a trick of my memory, part of me thinks it is a timing and scheduling thing, part of me thinks that folks have a thousand opportunities for every second of every day and we are competing for scarce minutes, part of me thinks that folks are too tired and strung out to even have the energy for a more than once a week trip to church, part of me thinks folks are not interested, part of me thinks ...

It looks like I am just like everyone else, endlessly speculating about the difference between what I expected and what I experienced. Maybe I need an advent advent-ure. Maybe I could exhale, notice Jack lighting the candlestick  between grandma and grandpa, and recognize that it is what it is and it is very good. Thanks be to God!

May God's advent advent-uresome peace and perspective find and bind us all.

Pastor Mark