In Memorium
by Donald K Johnson

It's been a rich full week.

I'm exhausted, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It's the good kind of exhausted where you know that it's God's hands that have been busy furthering God's kindom. Busy baptizing Emma Grace, busy welcoming the Jordan's and Vi, busy preparing to welcome 5 more folks, busy preparing for advent and thanksgiving, and the next gathering of God's people in this place.

Then last night, into the mix of people, purpose and projects comes Inga. She passed away in her home with two of her daughters and a granddaughter holding her hands. 98 years young, mentally sharp to the last and truly showing us how to move gracefully and peacefully from our hands to God's hands.

The blessings of life, purpose and pain are all fully present in my heart. My cup and my eyes run over. Goodness and mercy are flowing from God's hands to my heart, and I am left only with a prayer of thanksgiving.


Pastor Mark